Nettle Society is a nettle based enterprise established in 10 January, 2010 (26 Poush, 2066). It was registered with Small Industries Development Committee, Sankhuwasabha (Regd. No: 852). It provides design, quality control and management services to nettle producers of Nepal. Kulung people who are scattered in remote communities of Sankhuwasabha and Solukhumbu have inherited amazing ancestral knowledge about transforming wild nettle barks into subtle silk-like lustre of nettle yarns. Owned and operated by Kulungs, Nettle Society has devised a united, integrated, and systematic approach that ensures hard work of these people are fairly rewarded.


Nettle Society adopts modern management principles in its operation.

i. Order and Delivery

We are a reliable enterprise presenting a comprehensive range of high quality hand made nettle products. We offer varieties of design, color and prints for the convenience of our valued customers. For this we have set up a simple yet effective order and delivery system within Nepal and beyond. We are very proud of the reputation and goodwill that we have earned by operating at professional level for many years.

ii. Resource Management System

We understand that our more than 825 nettle weavers living in remote settlements of hills and mountains deserve applause for connecting creativity to passion. An ethical value chain has been put in place to ensure that the hard work of these nettle producers is fairly rewarded.

iii. Grievance Handling Mechanism

We work hard to ensure that our customers have the best possible experience and results. So, we love it when our customers give us feedback.

Quality Control

We have immense pride in our high quality work. We have embraced quality over charity, therefore, every single item we develop are hand made and of fine quality. By doing so, we are able to customize our design with the preferences of our customers. We are also careful to incorporate innovation in design and development of our products. For this, we have set up a quality control unit in Nettle Society and working accordingly with full commitment.


We believe in an integrated approach to development and self-reliance. Every stakeholder whether it be government, development partners or private organizations, should come together to solve several problems in promoting nettle enterprises. Furthermore, nettle promotion requires continuous research and development as well as resources. A united approach is the best alternative to do so. Therefore, in the past, we have worked with government agencies, Finnish Embassy, Mountain Spirit Germany (MSD), TRIYOG, Ninam Ridum Handicrafts etc. We hope to extend similar cooperation and collaboration for the upliftment of nettle-based enterprises in the future.