Production Process

  • Harvesting

    The Himalayan Giant Nettle grows in mountain and hill areas across Nepal at elevations between 1200 and 3500 meters above sea level. The Kulung women in Sankhuwasabha and Solukhumbu cut entire allo plants.

  • Extracting

    The bark is then peeled off from the shoots.

  • Drying bark

    The green bark is dried for 2-3 days during sunny days

  • Cooking

    The peeled off bark is then either boiled in traditional vessel or induced in hot water.

  • Washing and Pounding

    The bark is then washed in flowing water and beaten.

  • Mixing White Clay

    The bark is then mixed with locally available white clay called "Kamero" to soften it which is dusted off once dried.

  • Spinning Yarn

    The nettle is then spun into thread by using traditional handmade wooden machine. However, nettle fiber has physical and mechanical properties that are suited to textiles.

  • Weaving

    Nettle cloth is woven in locally made wooden handloom.

  • Knitting

    Hand knitting of Shawls, gloves and other items by women is done even while walking for their farm work.

  • Sewing

    The nettle cloth is used to sew various nettle products- bags, hats, cloths etc.

  • Final Products

    The products are then arranged for marketing and sales.